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I am interested in contacting researchers in Porto Alegre - does anyone know critical researchers who may be interested in our project in any of these Universities (or in Rosario)?

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) Have courses in:
Degree In Pedagogy Mag Mat Ped Ii G
Degree In Pedagogy Mag Mat Ped Ii G - Zero Focus

Catholic University (PUCRS)
Large Faculty of Education (UG & Grad) in Child Education, Education - Advising - Pedagogia - Orientação Educacional ,Education - Multimedia and Educationla Computing - Pedagogia - Multimeios e Informática Educativa; Education/First Grades - Pedagogia - Séries Iniciais ; Education - School Supervision - Pedagogia - Supervisão Escolar ; Educational Psychology - Psicologia

UFRGS is among the three main universities of the country for post-graduate work:
Masters & Doctoral Studies in
* Specialization Course in Education, Sexuality and Gender Relations
* Specialization Course in Special Education and Inclusive Practices
* Specialization Course in Teaching of Art
* Course on Specialization PROEJA - 2007/2009
* Specialization Course in Management Education
* Specialization Course in Early Childhood
* Specialization Course in Management Interdisciplinary Education

ULBRA ULBRA: Primary and Secondary Education

The ULBRA is active in primary and secondary as well as university education. ULBRA offers Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School education in 14 Brazilian cities. Most of the schools include preschool to high school. Some of them offer bilingual education (Portuguese-English) in preschool. Some of the high schools also offer some technical programs such as Webpage Development, Administration, Accounting, Nursing, Telecommunications, Chemistry, Construction, Refrigeration, Mechanics and Electronics, Computer Science, Law, Environmental Studies, Logistics, Electrical Technology, Security and also a program called EJA (high school equivalency education). There is also a special school which offers education for hearing-impaired students. It has UG and Post Grad courses in education & Pedagogy

UNISINOS offers UG Teacher Education Education - Master’s and Doctor’s course


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David I can probaby suggest researchers in Brazil, not in Porto Alegre but in Piracicaba (Sao Paulo State) and may be some other cities. Are you interested all the same?
Excellent - yes please!!
Ok, I have to check the emails. Will you write to them explaining the project?
Of course - but perhaps if we wrote together it might be stronger invitation - also we will need to find someone to translate the survey from either English or Spanish into Portuguese!

Keep up the magnificient work

Adriana Murriello said:
Ok, I have to check the emails. Will you write to them explaining the project?
hi david et al.,

i know several researchers in porto alegre.

my first recommendation in terms of connection to this project is luis armando gandin, who speaks english, spanish and of course portuguese. he did his ph.d. in madison wisconsin with michael apple, is a solid and progressive scholar and a very nice person.

Daniel that is a brilliant suggestion - he is of course a significant figure in the literature of thick and thin democracy! Could you give me his email address and permission to mention your name when we approach him to assist?

Best regards as always for your help


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