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Global Doing Democracy Research Project

Colleagues I am able to offer you all FREE access to Survey Monkey Survey Monkey which I will pay for. If you have not used Survey Monkey before I am happy to spend time one on one with you - try it out for free for 10 questions or less and for 100 respondents or less.

Feedback on the survey would be most appreciated!

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FYI. On the teachers survey, Q 4 & 6 part 2 are duplicates. I'd add a question re university experience after Q 12.

I want to add a survey for leaders and one for students in K-12 schools.

This is excellent and so much fun!
Carolyn, thanks for the feedback - what I have posted I should have said are works in progress - so I will definitely encourage changes! I am working on a Leadership survey today - we had intended to survey students in Phase 2 - but what the heck let's do it now! Do you want to construct a student survey based on those we have there?
About the content of the survey, some questions may need to be tweaked a little to adapt to certain contexts. Will this be possible? - Glenda
Of course the survey are templates to be adjusted to suit local contexts and needs - feel free to add questions - but where ever possible keeping to the "spirit" the original as this will permit more rigorous comparative analysis. Glenda do you need any assistance in using Survey Monkey? I have added a file of Help Notes
Possible text for email invitation to respondents (courtesy of Carolyn Shields)

You are being invited to participate in an on-line survey being conducted as part of an international research project called Doing Democracy. We are seeking to understand educators’ perspectives and perceptions of democracy in education to develop a robust & critical concept of democratic education.

This portion of the project will be conducted by XXXXX at XXXXX University.

Multiple investigators throughout the world will be administering similar surveys—all to be compiled through project collaboration, although each researcher will be responsible for the ethical conduct and securing of his or her own project data. The study will help us determine the extent to which various institutions hold democracy as a central tenet in their curriculum. Because this is an international project, others, invited to participate by the originators of the project, Drs. David Zyngier at Monash University, Australia and Paul Carr, of McGill University, Canada, will also have access to the data in order to conduct cross-site and secondary analyses.

Each participant will be asked to respond online to a series of Likert scale based questions. This will take less than 60 minutes per person and you may choose not to respond to any question. Participants will not be offered any reward to participate, nor will there be any penalty for non-participation. Completion of this survey is an indication of your informed consent to participate.

All data will be totally anonymous at point of response. The information you provide will therefore remain totally confidential. The only people who will have access to the anonymous information will be the researchers associated with the project.

The potential benefits for improving curriculum, educator training, and policy are considerable. The results of this research will be made available to all participants via a summary (on request), as well as in the context of research, conference presentations and/or publication in academic journals, monographs or policy briefs.

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