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Dear Collaborators,


ようこそ, Bienvenue,Welkom, Benvingut, مرحبا, Willkommen, Καλώς ορίσατε, ברוך הבא, Bem-vindo, Bienvenido, स्वागत, Benvenuto,歡迎, Chào mừng

we encourage you to explore the potential for collaboration on this site. While by default English is the main language of communication we wish to privilege wherever possible other languages as well - so if you want to write in your own language please feel absolutely welcome to do so! (Suggestion: I use Google Translate to post documents in other languages as well - give it a try.)

le animamos a explorar las posibilidades de colaboración en este sitio. Si bien por defecto Inglés es el idioma principal de comunicación queremos privilegio, siempre que sea posible otros idiomas así como - por lo que si desea escribir en su propio idioma, por favor se sienten absolutamente bienvenido a hacerlo! (Sugerencia: usar Google Translate para publicar documentos en otros idiomas y - darle una oportunidad.)

nous vous invitons à explorer les possibilités de collaboration sur ce site. Bien que par défaut l'anglais est la langue principale de communication, nous souhaitons privilégier dans la mesure du possible d'autres langues, et - si vous voulez écrire dans votre propre langue, s'il vous plaît sentir que tout à fait les bienvenus! (Suggestion: je utiliser Google Translate pour afficher des documents dans d'autres langues aussi - faire un essai.)

Inviting new members:
If you would like to invite new members who are prepared to participate actively in the research then by all means suggest their names to either Paul or David - we are very focussed on keeping membership to ONLY active researchers who are prepared to replicate in some way the Doing Democracy Survey - please don't invite colleagues without checking with us first.

Here is a rundown of the current site and its uses

Project Information: Background to the Research, Aims and Objectives
    Progress: Records (maps) the status of the research in various sites
    Sites: Records where research is currently taking place

Conference Presentations: Links to the various conference presentations, powerpoints etc where our members have presented our work

Democracy - Transformation: This links to our newly funded project by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: Democracy, political literacy and the quest for transformative education

Resources: Here you will find links to relevant websites, documents, copies of the various survey instruments to download and applications for Ethics and Funding. If you need help with Survey Monkey please give David Zyngier a call on SKYPE - david.zyngier - All members of this Project have  FREE access to Survey Monkey courtesy of David Zyngier! Feel free to use these for your own projects and research. Contact David by email for the Username and Password. Click to enter Survey Monkey. Feel free to add photos of your work here

Discussions: Use this section to continue an exchange on a topic or start your own topic. This is the place to upload files and documents to share as attachments.

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