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As we start to get established in preparation for our first online live chat, could we ask folks to do a couple of things, if you have the time?

1) review the content on our website, especially the studies that have been conducted as well as some of the related research that is posted;

2) think about a possible study you might be able to undertake with students, teachers or faculty, and start to catalogue what types of support you might need (please note that we do not have any funding at this time but we can work together to share knowledge, ideas, and resources);

3) update your profiles so that everyone can get a sense of who's involved;

4) please let us know when you will be able to join us for an online live chat;

5) prepare any questions or thoughts that you might have on the Project.

Thanks to everyone for joining us in this Project, and we look forward to the next few steps together.

Paul and David

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